In accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws, The Tokyo Women's Club is run  by the Executive Committee composed of Executive Officers and Chairpersons.


Executive Officers 

President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian.



Membership, Nominating, Social, Auditor, and Year Book.


Membership shall be limited to a maximum of 200.


Application for membership shall be made by the applicant to the Membership Chairperson on the prescribed form with written endorsement of two regular members of at least one year’s standing and shall be approved by the Executive Committee.


The annual membership fee is payable at the first September meeting for the Club year from September 1 to August 31. Members joining after February 15 shall be assessed only a half of the yearly fee.


Any Tokyo resident may be invited by a member as a guest to a regular Meeting.


Honorary membership may be extended by the Executive Committee to the wives of Ambassadors or representatives of countries who are interested in furthering the aims and activities of the Club.


The common language of The Tokyo Women's Club is English. The Japanese members should have a good knowledge of English.


Every year, The Tokyo Women's Club publishes "Year Book" with the Constitution, the By-Laws, and the names of Past Presidents from 1908 until today, the Executive Officers, the Chairpersons and the Members.


As one of the oldest Women’s Club in the world, our objective is to continue to widen our horizon and promote intellectual exchange, cultural interest, international goodwill and friendship.