Monthly Meeting 2016/2017      January 2017

 Date: January 16, 2017 (Mon)

 Time: 12:00~14:00

 Venue: Maison Aimee Vibert, Ebisu Prime Square Plaza, Tokyo

 Fee: 7,000yen for members (Club Subsidized), 8,000yen for guests

 Program: New Year’s Luncheon & Ekaterina, singer from Russia


President, Ms. Hayashi’s greeting and introduction of new members were followed by Ekaterina’s wonderful performance of Russian folk songs, opera and Pop music. Amazingly, her gorgeous dress was made over from a kimono by herself.


At the New Year’s luncheon, Palestine Ambassador’s wife, Mme. Maali Siam proposed a toast.


The French restaurant “Maison Aimee Vibert” is known for its classical style interior design. 


There were 82 attendees, including Mme. Maali Siam (Palestine), Mme. Olga Afanasieva (Russia), Mme. Maha Osman (Sudan), Mme. Wided Darragi (Tunisia), Mme. Jamila Khamis (Yemen), and Mme. Monica Bousout Riquetti (Uruguay).