Monthly Meeting 2016/2017      June 2017

 Date: June 5, 2017 (Mon)

 Time: 12:00-14:00

 Venue: The Tokyo American Club, 2-1-2 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo

 Fee: 9,000yen for members, 10,000yen for guests

 Program: Early Summer Classical Vocal and Piano

The Tokyo Women’s Club held the final monthly meeting 2016/2017 at The Tokyo American Club.

It was highlighted by vocal performance of a soprano Ms. Yoko Yazaki and a bass Mr. Teppei Kono, accompanied by a pianist Ms. Yumi Okazaki.

The gorgeous performance was followed by donation ceremony. This year, The Tokyo Women’s Club made donations to four respected organizations: The Japan Times, World Food Programme (WFP), Suffering Children in Sudan, and Women’s Shelter Net (for supporting DV survivors). We were honored to have the presence of representatives of these four organizations. Also, The Tokyo Women’s Club sincerely appreciates all members’ consistent and generous support, which makes our contributions possible. 

Ms. Sayuri Daimon from The Japan Times 

Mme. Maha Osman, Sudanese Ambassador’s wife, for Suffering Children in Sudan 

Mr. Kojiro Nakai from WFP

Ms. Keiko Otsu from Women’s Shelter Net


Portuguese Ambassador’s wife, Mme. Ilda Esteves proposed a toast and luncheon started.


Mme. Olga Afanasieva (Russia), Mme. Alice Parker-Allottey (Ghana), Mme. Ayana Hatada Diaz (Panama), Mme. Kumiko Meric (Turkey) and Ms. Carole Yoshida joined us as well. There were 97 attendees in all. 


Before the closing, Board Members 2017/2018

were announced.