Monthly Meeting 2016/2017      September 2016

 Date: September 5, 2016 (Mon)

 Time: 14:00~16:00

 Venue: Shibuya Cerulean Tower, Tokyu Hotel: B2F

 Fee: 4,000yen for members, 5,000yen for guests

 Program: Violin and Piano Recital & Afternoon Tea

President, Ms. Hayashi’s greeting and financial report by Treasurer, Ms. Kasuga, were followed by elegant performance of a young violinist, Ms. Naoko Kusunoki and a pianist, Ms. Tomoko Ishihara.

 At the afternoon tea, Azerbaidjan Ambassador’s wife, Mme. Rena Ismayilzada proposed a toast.

There were 99 attendees, including Mme. Dr. Hoang Thi Minh Ha (Viet Nam), Mme. Ching-Wang Lee Moi (Singapore), Mme. Monica Riquetti (Uruguay), Mme. Rena Ismayilzada (Azerbaijan), Mme. Galina Meiluniene (Lithuania), Mme. Maha Osman (Sudan), Mme. Jamila Al Suwaidi (Qatar), Mme. Dewi Mahendra (Indonesia), Mme. Cristina Escala (Peru), Mme. Mamosa Ramoeletsi (Lesotho), and Mme. Solange P. Weya (Cote d' Ivore).


Before the closing, Ms. Mutsuko Kenmochi talked about “able Society” and a Taiko concert organized by a disabled children organization.


The tables were decorated by

Ms. Fuse and

Ms. Kasuga.