Monthly Meeting 2017/2018      November 2017

Date: November 6th(Mon) & November 7th(Tue),2017

Time: 11:00-13:30

Venue: The Residence of Ambassador  of Oman

2-1-2 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Fee: 7,000yen for members only

Program: Omani Cooking Class,Cultural Learning & Luncheon

The Tokyo Women's Club was welcomed to a very special cooking class and luncheon at the Embassy of Oman.


Madame Abeer Ayshe, wife of Omani Ambassador, talked about Oman’s fascinating culture and cuisine at her magnificent private quarter. Firstly, we took an Omani cooking class in the kitchen.

Luqaimat is one of the most popular sweets in Oman. After dough is leavened with yeast for 30 minutes, it is shaped into balls and deep-fried. And then they are dipped in the scented syrup in which two spoonfuls of rose-water are poured. Ms. Yuko Hayashi, President of the TWC, had a good try. 

Another cooking is Maqqlobat Azzhar. Rice is cooked with boiled chicken, deep-fried potato and cauliflower, which is called Azzhar in Omani, ghee which is a kind of butter made from cow's milk, and chicken soup to which spices are added. Cooked rice is turned over on a plate. Maqqlobat means "turn over."

Mr. Ameta Nazih, Chef of the Embassy, who showed his great skill in shaping dough into balls, had cooked for us. Maqqlobat Azzhar on which some kinds of nuts and yogurt were put was delicious. Omani coffee tasted very good as well.


After luncheon, Madame Ayshe showed us how to use Omani frankincense, which is called "a gift from  God."


There were 64 attendees all together in the two days. We enjoyed the Middle Eastern culture.