Monthly Meeting 2018/2019

September 10th 2018 (Mon)      Talk on the Edo Period mainly  around Two Princesses & Afternoon Tea

October 18th 2018 (Thu)             Autumn Luncheon with Music of Chopin by Ms. Masako Ezaki

November 22nd 2018 (Thu)        Talk by the Renowned Latvian Writer Mrs. Nora Ikstena & Buffet Lunch

December 3rd 2018 (Mon)          Christmas Luncheon with Jazz by Mr. Takashi Matsunaga

December 7th 2018 (Fri)              Special Event

                                                          -- Talk by Mme. Oh En, Chinese Ambassador's spouse, & Chinese Tea --

January 15th 2019 (Tue)              The Story of Yakumo Koizumi by Mr. Bon Koizumi with Obento

February 4th 2019 (Mon)              Lady Ambassadors' Talk Session & Afternoon Tea

March 1st 2019 (Fri)                      Coffee Morning at the Ambassador's Residence of Italy

April 26th 2019 (Fri)                       Meet Africa -- Charity Lunch with AWAAJ -- 

May 14th 2019 (Tue)                     Learning the History and Culture of Bulgaria, Focusing on the Rose Festival 

June 3rd 2019 (Mon)                     Thank-You Luncheon with Tchaikovsky Three Great Ballets