Monthly Meeting 2018/2019      March 2019

 Date: March 1st 2019 (Fri)

 Time: 10:00 – 12:00

Venue: The Ambassador’s Residence of Italy

Fee: 7,000yen (Members Only)

Program: Coffee Morning at the Ambassador’s Residence of Italy

The members of the Tokyo Women's Club were honored to be invited to a coffee morning at the Ambassador’s Residence of Italy. Mme. Matelda Starace, spouse of Ambassador of Italy, showed us the residence and garden with a long and distinguished history. There is harmony between Italy and Japan in the residence, where lots of works of Italian art are displayed. The quiet and beautiful garden of flowers is the place where ten of the forty seven ronins committed the seppuku. 

We enjoyed an Italian gorgeous coffee morning and also enjoyed buying Italian wine, pasta, cheese, chocolates, and olive oil. It is our pleasure that all the proceeds shall be donated to welfare associations. There were 60 attendees in all.